Fida dApp
Fida will be able to be exchanged for other ERC20 tokens using Fida Exchange.
There will be a 0.3% fee that will be shared by all liquidity providers
There will be a 0.2% fee that will be shared by all token holders in proportion of their holdings.
Liquidity Mining
Those that provide liquidity for the dApp will be rewarded in Fida tokens.
Rewards are in proportion to both the amount of capital committed and the length of time it is committed.
This process is known as liquidity mining. It is different to investing as anyone can withdraw the capital they committed to the protocol at any time and still keep the Fida they earned.
Fida can be traded on secondary markets such as Fida Exchange if people wish to exit their positions before maturation.
Liquidity mining will focus on rewarding longer term holders for staking.
For a DAO to be decentralised, it’s important that there as many people involved in decision making as possible.
In order to incentivise this global cooperative, Fida will reward those that participate.
Once you own Fida you can vote in any poll and receive a further Fida as reward.
The threshold for any proposal to be made is % of token holders and for any proposal to pass it needs to receive votes representing % of token holders.
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