Loyalty Tokens Roadmap
Fida Token
First token minted will be Fida.
Fida can be earned through liquidity providing and loyalty e.g. tokens earned for purchasing goods and services).
The majority of tokens will be used to encourage community participation.
Fida Exchange will enable token holders to exchange Fida for other ERC20 tokens.
Post launch Fida will be able to be redeemed to purchase goods and services at market rate.
Partner Tokens
Fida token aims to act as a showcase for partners to issue their own tokens with similar tokenomics but decided by the partner.
Fida will take an allocation of each token for building and issuing the token.
The partner tokens allocations will be added to Fida’s treasury to give an underlying value to the Fida token.
Brands that previously were locked out loyalty (due to resource constraints) will now be able to participate by issuing their own token.
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